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Buying Real Estate in Florida

Foreign National Guide

If you live in another country and are currently looking to purchase property in Florida, have questions or need guidance we can help. Allow our many years of experience and proven record of success guide you, we have team that specializes in assisting non U.S. residents acquire property in the U.S. ready to help you. Our diverse team will ensure that your purchase is conducted smoothly while maintaining you updated throughout the process. If your thinking of purchasing and need to understand the process and how to get started we can help.


Buying Real Estate in Florida

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Contact us today and we will provide you a no obligation easy to follow guide with answers to frequently asked questions. We look forward to assisting you locate the perfect Central Florida property. Hiring us to represent you means you receive your best interest will be taken care of and we will work diligently to locate you the very best options to purchase. Our services are paid through a commision and those commissions are typically paid by the seller of the property. You are not required to hire a Real Estate professional when purchasing or selling but given your best interest it is strongly advisable to acquire the assistance and services of an expert to represent you.

Things to Know


Foreign nationals are in fact able to purchase property in the State of Florida, the same way U.S. citizens are able to. There are no special Visa requirements needed to purchase a new home in Florida.


No, Foreign Nationals are not taxed differently than U.S. Citizens. Foreign nationals pay taxes the same way as U.S. Citizens. In the State of Florida, homeowners receive “homestead exemption” with benefits of $50,000 only on their PRIMARY residence. Investment properties, second homes and vacation homes are NOT eligible for the Florida Homestead exemption. These properties are also taxed the same for Foreign Nationals and U.S. Residents.


Financing is available for Non U.S. Residents. Although financing requirements and rates may be different and guidelines may change there are financing options available. Typically lenders will require a minimum requirement of 25% to 35% down payment with most purchases. We can help you with the entire process including partnering you with a reliable Foreign National Lender.


Purchasing a property in Florida has no effect on immigration status or Visa eligibility of a foreign national. Most foreign nationals are able to obtain a Visa in order to stay for a period of 90 days at a time. Information on visa eligibility. Learn More


You are not required to hire a Real Estate agent or attorney to purchase property in the state of Florida. Given the nature of the business and potential monetary and legal impacts its widely advisable that you hire a real estate agent to assist you with purchasing a property.

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