Things to Do in Minneola

Things to Do in Minneola

Central Florida greets its visitors and residents with a rich amount of things to do, and Minneola is no exception. Whether you’re interested in getting out in nature, looking for a fun, exciting night out on the town, or simply want to see something you’ve never seen before, Minneola has a lot to show you.

Though Minneola itself is quite a small, charming town, it’s within minutes of some of Florida’s most outstanding sights. That makes it ideal for people looking for things to do in Central Florida.

Green Mountain Scenic Overlook

For nature lovers, Green Mountain Scenic Overlook offers a picturesque panorama of the area extending outward far from Minneola real estate. A moderate hike will lead you to an impressive trek up a bluff that looks out on Lake Apopka, one of Minneola’s most fascinating natural wonders. The trails leading to the bluff are clean, well-maintained, and excellent for photographers, as a number of native species of birds, foxes, and turtles populate the area.

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub

Minneola is a great destination if you and your family favor old-fashioned Americana fare like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and shakes. Drive downtown, and you’ll likely find a half dozen restaurants to restore you after a day in nature. But the Crooked Spoon is perhaps Minneola and Clermont’s most adventurous dining spot. Classic bar and dive food is available here, but the native New Jersey chef takes it up a notch with cheddar-stuffed burgers and sliders made with curious flavors like chocolate and coffee.

Archaeopteryx Birding and Nature Tours

Returning back to the spellbinding natural reserves of Minneola, we head to one of the area’s most popular birding and nature tours. Bring your binoculars and your best camera when you come because the owners of this tour have introduced hundreds of birds from around the world in this one convenient space. Puffins, rare owls, and frigatebirds are their specialty, and you can reserve a time for the tour to enjoy it with large or small groups. The owners even provide you with a handy primer of the species you can search for. Try and find them all!

Lake Minneola Inn and Tiki Bar

After a long day hiking and birding on Minneola’s magnificent natural reserves, it’s time for a relaxing wind down to the day. Lake Minneola has had a historic inn on the premises for nearly a century, and for good reason. The sights are dramatic, and the ambiance is downtempo. The charming patio and high-end restaurant have remained off the beaten path for tourists, so come here if you’d prefer a respite from the Orlando crowd and Minneola real estate and want some peace and quiet. The attached tiki bar is newer and sells dozens of unique mixed drinks to try.

King’s Ridge Golf Club

Florida is no stranger to the golfing crowd, and King’s Ridge Golf Course has consistently ranked among the top courses in Central Florida for years. It offers two full 18-hole courses, with one course that totals nearly 6,500 yards in length. The courses are set up to be enjoyable to nearly all skill levels, although the championship course is a notable challenge for low handicappers. Stay for a few hours or all day thanks to King’s Ridge's variety of extra amenities, high-end tee boxes, and professionally crafted sand banks and hazards. You can also book a golf coaching session and plan your visit around the course’s extensive event calendar.

Lake Louisa State Park

Florida is one of the states with the largest proportion of state parks. And Minneola (and neighboring Clermont) might just take the cake when we count up all the amazing parks in the area. Lake Louisa State Park provides hikers and walkers with an abundance of flora and fauna, with a particular emphasis on Florida’s hundreds of bird species. But if you’d like a little more intense experience, you can hit the water with a number of kayakers, canoers, anglers, and birders. There are five distinct lakes in the park, which is good because the park can fill up quickly in the spring and summer.


This nearby attraction actually falls within the Orlando city limits, but it’s just minutes away from Minneola by car. ICON Park lights up at night with dozens of unique food trucks, outdoor bars, and trendy commercial spaces that you can enjoy all in one night thanks to the comfortable fair-like atmosphere. You won’t likely forget your night out at ICON Park after experiencing its 400-foot tall Ferris wheel, which gives the park its brilliant neon-colored look.

The Winter Garden Heritage Museum

For an experience of the culture of Minneola and the history of the area, check out the Winter Garden Heritage Museum for a quiet and contemplative day with your family and friends. Located in Winter Garden right by Minneola, this museum is small but rich in historical artifacts. It tells the story of the Native Americans who once lived in the area and the influx of other Americans on the railroads that made Minneola explode in population a hundred years ago. Here you can read up on the importance of the citrus industry in Minneola as well.

Orlando Museum of Art

Finally, you can finish up your trip to Minneola by visiting one of the area’s most fantastic museums, the beautiful Orlando Museum of Art. Currently housing the largest number of artworks, sculptures, and exhibits of any city in the Orlando/Minneola area, this century-old cultural institution regularly shuffles new shows and exhibits. So, if you visit one year, you’re likely to see an entirely different museum on your next trip. The museum specializes in arts like painting and sculpture, and it features lots of modern works produced by local artists and artisans.

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